Pro Basketball Manager 2022

Pro Basketball Manager 2022 you become the coach of your favorite team and will be able to change history and released on Steam November 16, 2021.

Pro Basketball Manager 2022 has more than 160 playable competitions and that including 25 international competitions, 11 continental competitions, 12 female competitions, over 40 national cups – spread across 55 countries. For the first time Pro Basketball Manager 2022 will be including the official license of the Ligue 1 with logos and photos.

About Pro Basketball Manager 2022

Through our journey to the hall of fame, we must not only recruit and train our players, but also take part in live games, giving on-court instructions or scouting to find the stars of tomorrow. Ensure the stability of our team by managing the day-to-day operations such as club finances, staff management or improving our arena. It all depends on us with Pro Basketball Manager 2022. Get it now to enjoy the most realistic basketball management game ever made.


In Pro Basketball Manager 2022 we have implemented a brand new User Interface for the live games, following the community’s feedback on last year’s game. All the information will now be accessible within a few clicks! We will also notice the new 3D arenas. These 3D arenas are completely customisable and the game includes new 3D animations to make games more enjoyable. The developer have also added more than 60 new playable competitions all over the world (complete list below) with updated rosters for the 2021/2022 season which gives us access to 40 000+ players and 160+ competitions.

Once our team is prepared, we can kick off the season and play all the matches live! We can watch the games with the 3D engine from the developer. We can check the condition of each player; check their statistics; make substitutions and adjust our strategy at any time during the match. Thus, we are able to change our defense or offense tactics, as well as being able to choose the next play that will be made by our players. Interact with them to influence their mood. We should controll the Condition of every player that we want for the next match, so we can ensure that everyone is in his best condition, to win the match.

Each League has its own rules

Each league has its own rules and these have been faithfully reproduced in Pro Basketball Manager 2022. The recruitment process applied to your team will completely differ according to the league in which you play. In the North American league, for example, you will have to handle all the complexity of contracts, exceptions to avoid paying the luxury tax, not to mention trades or the draft. In most of the other leagues you will have to manage the buying of players, loans or free agents, taking care not to exceed the payroll allocated to your team for the season. Pro Basketball Manager 2022 allows you to greatly deepen your experience as a coach by letting you create your own plays, which you can then use during live games. If you are taking your first steps as a manager, you can also get help from an assistant who will handle the most complex tasks for you.

List of playable competitions

2 continental competitions
Argentina (1 men’s league), Brazil (1 men’s league), Colombia (1 men’s league), Dominican Republic (1 men’s league), Mexico (1 men’s league), Panama (1 men’s league), Puerto Rico (1 men’s league), Uruguay (1 men’s league), USA (1 men’s league), Venezuela (1 men’s league)

1 continental competition
China (1 men’s league), Japan (2 men’s leagues, 1 national cup), Philippines (1 men’s league), South Korea (1 men’s league)

6 continental competitions
Albania (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Austria (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Belarus (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Belgium (1 national cup), Belgium – Netherlands (1 men’s league), Bosnia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Bulgaria (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Croatia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Cyprus (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Czech Republic (1 men’s league, 1 women’s league, 1 national cup), Denmark (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Estonia – Latvia (1 men’s league), Finland (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), France (4 men’s leagues, 2 women’s leagues, 2 national cups), Georgia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Germany (3 men’s leagues, 1 national cup), England,Scotland,Wales (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Greece (2 men’s leagues, 1 national cup), Hungary (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Iceland (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Israel (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Italy (2 men’s leagues, 1 women’s league, 2 national cups), Kosovo (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Lithuania (2 men’s leagues, 1 national cup), Luxembourg (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Macedonia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Montenegro (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Netherlands (1 national cup), Norway (1 men’s league), Poland (1 men’s league, 1 women’s league, 1 national cup), Portugal (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Romania (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Russia (2 men’s leagues, 1 women’s league, 1 national cup), Serbia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Slovakia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Slovenia (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Spain (3 men’s leagues, 1 women’s league, 2 national cups), Sweden (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Switzerland (1 men’s league, 1 national cup), Turkey (2 men’s leagues, 1 women’s league), Ukraine (1 men’s league, 1 national cup)

Australia (1 men’s league), New Zealand (1 men’s league)

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