The Palace of 1001 Rooms – Kickstarter

Independent publishing studio MapMaster BattleMaps is launching their Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the book The Palace of 1001 Rooms.

The Palace of 1001 Rooms is an illustrated, D&D rules semi-agnostic, 5e compatible, mega-dungeon RPG with 1001 chambers connected by portals and a multitude of stories. The concept is a magical and mysterious palace in the clouds, accessible from many worlds, whose rooms are all connected by portals that lead to random locations within the palace. After 5 successful chapters of The Palace of 1001 Rooms, this sixth chapter aims to bring us more stories, characters, monsters, magical items, and portal laden dungeon madness.

The Palace of 1001 Rooms, Chapter 6:The Halls of Glory, takes us past the pleasure domes of the genie kings. The party is now treading into the upper levels of the palace where the most powerful magics reside. Prepare to dodge lightning bolts and resist the temptations of the divine! This Kickstarter campaign will help publishers’ create later chapters which will be inspired by  Egyptian, Sumerian, and Greco-Roman mythology when the stretch goals are met.


  • Illustrated mega-dungeon RPG
  • Unprecedented in size, scale, and scope
  • 5e compatible
  • 1001 chambers connected by portals
  • D&D rules semi-agnostic
  • VTT map add-ons

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