Among us x Arcane – Cosmetic items

Riot Games announced that the collaboration with Among Us started. These are exclusive cosmetic items for the start of the Riot Games series Arcane. The items will be available in Among Us through December 31, 2021 on all platforms through the Arcane Cosmicube.

Among the items are hats and skins from League of Legends champions like Heimerdinger, Jayce and Caitlyn or even Heimerdinger’s Poro pet.

What about the Cosmicube

The Arcane Cosmicube is an unlockable cosmetic system in Among Us. The Arkane Cosmicube is only available in the shop until December 31, 2021 for a limited time. Once purchased, the content of the Cosmicube is available to fans indefinitely.

When fans purchase a themed Cosmicube, they will need to activate it in order to receive pods through the game. These pods are used to unlock cosmetic items via a path system in the Cosmicube. All items are purely cosmetic and have no influence on the game.

The full list of all unlockable cosmetic items includes

Heimerdinger’s hair
Heimerdinger’s mustache
Heimerdinger’s suit
Heimerdinger’s Poro
Enforcer helmet
Enforcer armor
Caitlyn’s hat
Caitlyn’s uniform
Vi’s hair
Vi’s clothes
Jinx’s hair
Jinx’s goggles
Jinx’s clothes
Jayce’s hair
Jayce’s council suit
Claggor’s goggles

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