Bryant Park Winter Village in Midtown Manhattan

Bryant Park’s Winter Village begins on the 10.29.2021 and opens the holiday market season in New York. Besides being the first to open, it’s also the longest-running, that inviting you to explore your impressive array of booths all the way through New Year’s Day.

About Bryant Park Winter Village

Debuting in 2002, Winter Village in Bryant Park is one of the most festive Christmas markets in NYC. The center of the city is a truly inspiring place to drink in the splendor of winter as you and your loved ones stroll down aisle after aisle of specialty vendors and themed attractions. Winter Village has lots to offer: an ice skating rink with free admission, holiday stands to offer seasonal bites, beverages to refuel, local crafts, jewelry, clothes, and many more cute baubles.

History of Bryant Park

Bryant Park Corporation (BPC) is a not-for-profit, private management company founded in 1980 to renovate and operate Bryant Park in New York City. It was established by Daniel A. Biederman and Andrew Heiskell, with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. BPC was formed to restore historic Bryant Park, which had suffered a severe decline in conditions in the 1970s. A 15-year agreement was signed in 1988, entrusting management and improvements to BPC. The park reopened in 1992 after four years of renovation with a budget six times the level under prior city management. It is the largest effort in the nation to apply private management backed by private funding to a public park, and it has been a success with public, press, and nearby institutions.

Activities in the Bryant Park Winter Village

You can play and drink hot beverages at iceless curling at the Curling Café & Bar or You have the possibility to sit down in an cozy Igloo and enjoy with your friends in your own Igloo festive food and drinks, just some steps from the iconic ice skating, surrounded by midtown skyscrapers.

In the cozy Igloo you have the choice between the family and adult package. Down you find information what in these package are.

Family Packages
1-4 guests: $200
5-8 guests: $400
• Carafe of Hot Chocolate or Carafe of Salted Caramel Hot Apple Cider
• Chicken Fingers or Hot Dogs or Bavarian Pretzel
• Crispy French Fries with dipping sauces

Adult Packages
1-4 guests: $250
5-8 guests: $500
• Carafe of Mulled Wine or Bucket of Beer
• Charcuterie Board or Artisanal Cheese Plate or Bavarian Pretzel
• Crispy French Fries with dipping sauces

During your stay at the curling Cafe & Bar. You have the possibility to play 90 minutes on a curling lane and the reservation also includes a heated dining dome, food and drink.

There are two package (the family and adult package) available right now.

Family Packages
1-4 guests: $250
5-8 guests: $475

  • Carafe of Hot Chocolate
  • Chicken Tenders + Fries OR Mac and Cheese + Fries

Adult Packages

Adult Packages
1-4 guests: $300
5-8 guests: $575

  • Carafe of Wine or Bucket of Beer
  • Cheese Platter with Fruit and Crackers OR Chicken Tenders + Fries


Bryant Park, New York, NY 10018

Health and Safety during the stay in the Winter Village

  • If you are feeling sick, do not visit the park
  • You are encouraged to wear a mask or face covering in the park
  • Please use the hand washing stations that are provided around the park

Moving Around the Park

  • Follow all pathway signs, and keep to the right on two-way paths
  • Try to stay six feet apart from other park visitors
  • Treat others with patience and respect


  • Some events and programs have been canceled, or changed in size or location
  • Masks or face coverings may be required to participate in some activities or events

Bryant Park is monitoring and adhering to local, state and federal guidelines regarding our operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To don’t miss any latest news about Bryant Park Winter Village follow the organizers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, flickr, YouTube and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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