The Shapeshifter 2 – 7 Days left

The Kickstarter campaign by the one-man developer studio Greenboy Games to fund ‘The Shapeshifter 2’ for GameBoy has unlocked its sixth stretch goal at a total of $75,000 USD.

Thanks to the support of 697 backers,The Shapeshifter 2 has exceeded the expectations of Greenboy Games after collecting more than 1000% of its original objective.

‘The Shapeshifter 2’ will now contain a special bonus stage “The Pirate’s Duel” which will be included in the final game. With 7 days to end the funding campaign, the next stretch goal for $86k USD will be the inclusion of two full new chapters: “The Forest of Talking Trees” and “The Train”.

The Shapeshifter 2 is the first of its kind and only game for GameBoy that has two cartridges and choose your own adventure game mechanics. Like the ‘Choose your own adventure’® books, the game not only has multiple endings but also has multiple completely different stories from the beginning to the end depending on our own choices.


  • New Game Boy game in cartridge format
  • Lead Elliot in a fantasy adventure in which we can turn into the animals we touch and save the elven world from the wizard’s spell.
  • More than 4 hours of gameplay.
  • Animated pixel-art graphics.
  • Music composed by Cesc Mozota and Oscar Latorre
  • Game Boy version compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and  GameBoy Advance handhelds.

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