Blade & Soul – Big content Update

NCSOFT announced the release of the first major content update for Blade & Soul since the Unreal 4 Engine upgrade.

Blade & Soul: Demon Ban is now available for free and contains a new exciting chapter of the story, the new air palace dungeon, various new gameplay systems, a new upgrade system for accessories and much more.

Epic Quests – Act XI Part 2

The Hongmoon Warriors will learn more about why the honorable and righteous General Mushin became such a villain. The sequel to the Epic Quest will reveal the exact events that led Mushin on the Path of Darkness. Old friends will be at our side with words and deeds and will help us on our journey through the heavenly realm, in order to finally confront Mushin and save the realms from ruin.

The Air Palace Dungeon and Demon Baning System

The Air Palace is a new four-player dungeon for endgame players: inside and Blade & Soul’s first mystical dungeon. Luftpalast is a gigantic flying zeppelin that has appeared over the tavern to the fish belly and is the venue of a martial arts tournament from which no opponent has ever returned. The dungeon is the first with the new demon ban system, in which players: while defeating the dungeon regularly unlock new demon ban phases, which unlocks new final boss mechanics, debuffs and other challenges. With higher phases, there are also better rewards and each completed phase can then be repeated at any time.

Breaker system

Some skills now have the ability to give end bosses a “breaker” status in combat. As indicated by the bar below the life display of the mystical dungeon final boss, this puts the boss in a “stunned” state when fully charged, which makes him more susceptible to damage. Players have to decide whether they prefer builds that allow such all-out attacks in order to be able to variably adapt the end boss strategies.

The Demon Ban system, the sequel to the Epic Quest and the rest of the content are part of the latest free update from Blade & Soul.

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