Gunplay and Balance

Satisfying gunplay is at the core of Battlefield, and there are a few aspects of this the developers want to help address upfront. Shortly after launch, many of us who play on PC helped to highlight an odd inconsistency with the behaviour of aiming, relative to our mouse sensitivity settings.

The developers have done a great deal of investigation around this and have been able to validate that some settings are not properly applying. The teams have developed a fix for this and they’re targeting the third upcoming Update for this.

On console, they’ve been performing similar investigations around the consistency of Aim Assist. The teams are aware of the issues that we’ve helped to raise on this front, and wanted to volunteer that it’s not consistently behaving in line with their designs. they’re on it, and will keep us updated. More generally, they also wanted to provide us with an update, and response around the various gunplay conversations that they’ve seen take place since the game went live. 

Spread (or as some may call it, ‘bloom’ or ‘deviation’) is a term we may have come across if we’ve engaged with this conversation. It refers to the angle by which our bullet may deviate from where we are currently aiming at. The developers have observed that on many weapons, predominantly on Assault Rifles like the AK-24, the spread tends to be too high, especially when moving while zoomed which causes problematic engagements in the average combat distances of their maps. Weapons miss more often than they really should which makes for an unsatisfying experience and can feel unfair when we have done all we could to nicely align our shots. The developers have made a series of adjustments to many of the weapons that aim to greatly reduce the impact of spread on the shooting experience. 

In other words, after those changes, a well lined-up shot will be hitting its target within the designed engagement range of the weapon. These changes will roll out over the upcoming updates:

Update #2:

  • Reduced spread globally when zoomed and moving
  • Improved stationary zoomed accuracy for many weapons
  • Spread now decreases faster and earlier when pacing shots. This means more success with single-fire or short bursts. 
  • Increased PP-29 vertical recoil to ensure that the weapon does not overperform when engaging outside of its intended combat range 

Update #3:

  • Fixed an issue where spread would be too high when trying to fire while zoomed right after sprinting for some Portal weapons.
  • Reduced effectiveness of the NTW-50 against vehicles. 

On the topic of balance, the teams will always benefit from having live data based on our real world behaviours with the final game. Since the very first day, they set the servers live, they’ve been paying close attention to the performance of certain weapons, vehicles, and gadgets to make sure that they were behaving in line with their designs. Naturally our progression, map knowledge acquisition, and understanding of their rock paper scissors evolves over time, and helps to show the best possible picture of what’s performing as expected, and what’s operating as outliers. We’ve seen the teams behave reactively around this area. In Battlefield 2042, they have more options to them than previous titles. They’re able to take things out of the game without requiring a game update, make some changes, and reintroduce it. 

Their current focus is also around the behaviour of vehicles. Since the game went live, the teams saw the Hovercraft become a fan favorite given its high durability and effectiveness in combat. They designed this vehicle to behave as an alternative to the LATV4, but not as an upgrade. In Thursday’s Update #2, they have balanced the health of this vehicle to bring it more in line with its design, and made sure that its weaponry is appropriately effective. The teams have also performed a similar review of the Nightbird’s 20mm Cannons which were generating excessive splash damage. This will be adjusted in Update #2, and they’re continuing to monitor the behaviour of Vehicle Unlocks in case it’s observed that they need to make further changes.

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