Performance and Server Stability

There are two issues the developers tracking relative to performance: Server Side and hardware-related issues on the Client Side.

Servers – The developers are largely seeing their services perform at their intended target levels, following numerous backend changes since launch. Stability of the game has continued to be strong from launch. However, there are still some critical issues that we may experience when playing on servers that they are keen to resolve quickly.

In very rare instances they’re seeing that their servers aren’t correctly registering hitmarkers. While hard to reproduce (thank everyone of us for sending in clips and screenshots), the developers actively working hard to identify what could be causing this issue, and to develop fixes. They also seeing that on rare occasions that we’re unable to spawn on the server with our intended loadout. The developers believe they’ve discovered the issue and it will be fixed in their Update #2 on November 25.

Following the fixes that they’ve already released, they’re seeing significantly reduced instances of this, but please help to report any encounters we have with this problem. As a precaution, the developers have added a new safety feature in their next update which ensures we’ll always directly respawn after 30 seconds have elapsed.

The developers are also continuing to investigate servers for Breakthrough specifically. they monitor for these servers live, and work to shut them down where they see them spin up incorrectly and don’t engage the start of round flow properly.

Hardware – On console, the developers have tracked and worked with Microsoft to ensure that a critical system update was rolled out to prevent instances of the system performing a power cycle during gameplay. This update went live for Xbox Series X/S players last Thursday, and became a mandatory system update this week. they’re confident that this has resolved this issue, and are continuing to monitor for any further issues on that front.

For all of us playing on PCs, the developers want to acknowledge that many of us are finding that performance of the game is presently CPU bound, and not enough of us who are fortunate enough to enjoy high end GPUs and CPUs are seeing the benefit of consistent, high frame rates. Identifying engine level optimisations and developing solutions will require a lengthier response time from them so that it gets done right. Short term, they’ll be doing all they can to help offer performance improvements that reduce the load, and up our frame rates where possible.

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