Solo/Co-Op and Custom Portal Experience Progression 

The developers designed Battlefield 2042 to enable us to progress uniformly across the experience. Shortly after the release of the game, the developers observed a significant imbalance in the earn rates for experience (XP), particularly in Battlefield Portal where we created servers designed specifically to farm XP. Unfortunately, the limiters they had put in place were not working as intended. In order to maintain balance across the game, the developers temporarily disabled progression across Solo, Co-Op, and in Custom Portal Experiences. This past weekend they were able to reintroduce those caps and developed smarter XP and progression caps that have allowed them to re-enable XP earned via Portal Custom Experiences.

The developers will continue to monitor for XP Farm Servers and take appropriate actions to remove them from the pool when needed.

The above are the issues that we’ve helped to highlight to us as most impactful to our experience whilst playing the game. The develoopers are tracking all of our known issues over on the Battlefield Forums, and they’re grateful that we’re taking the time to share our feedback with them.

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