Summoners War: Chronicles – cinematic trailer

Com2uS has released a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming MMORPG Summoners War: Chronicles, with which the Korean publisher is getting one step closer to the release of the game. The trailer was unveiled for the first time at the SWC 2021 World Finals.

Summoners War: Chronicles is a new MMORPG currently under development based on the Summoner War universe. In the role of summoner, we make use of the well-known monster system that has been optimized for the new genre.

Com2uS surprised everyone with a new cinematic trailer for the upcoming game in the final of the global e-sports tournament Summoners War World Arena Championship 2021 on November 13th. The newly revealed video shows three summoners: Orbia, Kina and Cleaf as well as various monsters from the Summoners War world, which clash in a captivating story with high-quality optics. The video gives an insight into the exciting battle scenes and the story behind the friendship between summoners and monsters in the vast universe of Summoners War.

When does the game is available

Chronicles is expected to be released in the first quarter of next year and supports both mobile platforms and the PC. We team up with monsters and strategically fight for victory. There will also be a party game available where we can fight and grow with allies in different biomes, like the desert or the frosty land. Other features, including dungeons, put us to the test with challenges through traps and puzzles.

Chronicles is to be developed into a world-leading P2E (Play to Earn) game that picks up on Summoners War’s IP and harmonizes it with a protocol economy in which users can share the gaming experience through blockchain-based items and currency.

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