Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout – Release date of season 6

Mediatonic announced the release date of the new season of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout during a streaming event on December 23, 2021. On Tuesday, November 30th, 2021, the Battle Royale party game gets its latest expansion with the start of Season 6: The Spectacular Party.

In addition, various other details about new rounds, costumes and rewards were shared. In Fall Guy’s season 6, the beans dive and race through new rounds on PC and PlayStation, which are peppered with a wide range of new obstacles to test the stumbling blocks of the players: inside.

The new season includes

• 5 new rounds
• 25 new costumes
• 50 levels of prestige path with rewards
• Sackboy limited time event

Once the new season is live, an Epic Games account will be required to play Fall Guys, which brings new features to the game: cross-platform game progression between PS4 and Steam and the return of self-chosen usernames.

New rounds in season 6

  • Party promenade
    The party begins with the wildest gauntlet yet, packed with new obstacles. In this festival of clumsiness, the beans navigate through racing vacuum tubes, dodging water balloon cannons and swinging themselves to victory on the acrobatic trapeze poles.
  • Full tilt
    A devilish new edition of the Fall Guys classic – with new, dizzying 360 ° seesaws in a treacherous race to the goal. The beans have to watch out for force fields and rapidly rotating bars that want to throw off track.
  • Pipe dream
    A tubular race to the finish line. Every trip to the Pipe Dream brings with it a new challenge, because every vacuum tube can become a trip hazard. Including pinball machines and fans, dangerous pivoting platforms and a few other obstacles.
  • Airtime
    Here we have to prove our skills in order to stay in the air as long as possible. Swinging on trapezoids as well as conveyor belts and rotating platforms helps. Otherwise, drums and pinball machines are ready to help the fallen beans to rise again.
  • Leading light
    Who wouldn’t want to be in the spotlight on the biggest game show in the universe? But that’s not that easy when we stumble across turntables and fans. To get the center of attention, the beans have to use force fields to stand out from the competition.
  • Prestige path festivals & rewards The Season 6 Prestige Path contains new rewards to equip the beans for the spectacular party. In the 50 levels of rewards, more than 20,000 kudos, over 20 crowns, colorful costumes and much more can be unlocked.
  • New costumes and limited time events As part of the new season, over 25 new carnival costumes have also been added to stagger around even more stylishly.

The Blunderdome Construction Crew has prepared a slew of new limited-time events to reward the most loyal of the beans. Also, based on our feedback, a number of fixes and improvements have been made to make stumbling easier.

Improvements and fixes

More limited-time events – more rewards, more challenges, more wild show variations – starting with Sackboy.
Roll Off is back – The finals are back with several corrections.
Wonderful Pinball – Fixed the issue when multiple beans use the same pinball machine in rounds such as Tundra Run and Short Circuit.
Spectator mode in a group – The spectator mode now automatically pans to the group members.

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