Dead by Daylight – The new chapter Portrait of a Murder

Behavior Interactive announced the new chapter Portrait of a Murder in Dead by Daylight is available. The new DLC includes two new playable characters and the new Lonely Cemetery map.

In addition, a new package of outfits for winter appears with Everlasting Frost. Also, Dead by Daylight is available in the Epic Game Store.

About Portrait of a Murder

The new chapter Portrait of a Murder is available now and captures the horror in a surreal, nightmarish and graphically imposing way. The current DLC introduces two new characters: the killer Carmina Mora, aka the artist, a gifted Chilean artist whose life was saved by a sinister swarm of crows, and the survivor Jonah Vasquez, a brilliant Mexican-American CIA code breaker. Fans can also discover a new map, the Lonely Cemetery, an abandoned cemetery in Chile that is inspired by the world of surrealist art. Along with the chapter, the Everlasting Frost collection will also appear, a package with new outfits that the game’s cold-blooded killers can use to prepare for the icy winter ahead. In addition, fans can look forward to the official launch of Dead by Daylight in the Epic Games Store.

The Killer Power

Not only all good things come from above

Crows have long been an integral part of the Entity’s realm. The artist brings her own crush into the mist, which is both part of her story and part of her gameplay. With her killer ability Birds of Torture, she can summon Gloom Crows and use them in a devastating attack, giving the world of Dead by Daylight new, dynamic gameplay possibilities. By charging the torture birds, a crow is sent on a trajectory visible to the killer, which targets survivors and inflicts damage on them for a short time. When the noisy crows fly beyond their designated path, they form a swarm around survivors, revealing their aura until the swarm is driven away. A survivor surrounded by the flock and hit by a second bird takes damage.

Dave Richard, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight explains: “In the history of horror films, birds have always conveyed a strong sense of fear and fascination, so the artist is for us a declaration of love for this genre. Portrait of a Murder is very effective in making the survivors feel like they are at the mercy of a flock of crows that could tear the flesh off their bodies at any moment. ”

Winter finds its way into the realm of Entitus

As winter approaches, a biting frost draws in from a lost realm, the icy cold of which causes more than pain. The cutting wind heralds the arrival of a new glacier collection: The Everlasting Frost collection contains three very rare outfits for the artist, the ghost and Ghost Face®. The very rare winter dream outfit for the artist consists of a frozen mask, a frost robe and a snow-covered blade. When the artist is outfitted with this outfit, she wears a spiked mask made of piercing ice. Her flesh is then impaled by sharp lumps of ice and her blade is coated with a thin film of ice. The very rare crystal apparition outfit for the ghost includes white, frozen, disheveled hair, torn and exposed flesh, and a blade littered with sharp lumps of ice. The collection is completed by the very rare Frozen Phantom outfit for Ghost Face®. With this outfit, the killer reveals his face of death, which is pierced by razor-sharp lumps of ice, and wears a dark veil of death, torn by numerous splinters of ice, as well as a tactical knife that is caught in a thick, pointed icicle. Every very rare outfit is now available in the game’s shop.

Dead by Daylight is coming to the Epic Games Store

For those who can’t wait to get their hands on Dead by Daylight via the Epic Games Store, the wait will soon be over. All Dead by Daylight content is available, including the base game, all previous editions, and all currently available DLC. To celebrate the new release, fans can get the base game Dead by Daylight for free from December 2-9 from the Epic Games Store and keep it permanently. In addition, most of the DLCs are available in the catalog until December 8th – with a discount of 50 percent. The Epic Games Store will enable cross-platform play as well as cross-platform progression between Steam, Stadia and the Epic Games Store.

Portrait of a Murder is available on the Microsoft Store, Steam and Stadia, and for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The game is also be available from the Epic Games Store. In addition, fans can currently benefit from various promotions on several platforms, with discounts of up to 50 percent on the base game and selected DLCs.

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