Summoners War: Lost Centuria – Start of the 8th season

Com2uS announced the start of the eighth season of Summoners War: Lost Centuria. In this update, there is a great reward for new and old players, who die after recovering from the game, as well as the cooperative battle game mode.

The new game mode cooperative combat offers a cooperative game experience in which two summoners team up and fight bosses together. The new mode will be available for 48 hours every saturday from 1 a.m. . We can invite our friends to fight in the game, alliance members can be bitten for support or randomly matched.

Powerful bosses and rewards

A challenge of the cooperation fight is the powerful wind boss Lagmaron, who fights against two summoners at the same time for a certain time. Through cooperative gameplay the two fighters have to develop strategies how to launch strong attacks on the boss or support each other in emergency situations, depending on the situation. After the end of the fight, both players receive rewards in relation to the damage they each inflicted on the boss. In addition, there will also be Rank Rewards distributed according to the weekly leaderboards.

There are also innovations in check-in rewards. In Season 8, new Summoners will receive up to 200 Mystical Books for check-in. There will also be a check-in event for players again and a special check-in event at the end of the year.

New summoning systems

In addition, two new summoning systems will be introduced in Season 8. The selective ancient Summoning increases the chances of summoning a desired monster. At the same time, the essences of eternity enable summoners with monsters at the maximum level to convert remaining monster cards and exchange them for heroic and legendary monsters – the most powerful monsters in the entire game.

In time for the Christmas season, Lost Centuria will have some Christmas skins for popular monsters, including Eleanor, Sophia, and Racuni. Summoners War Lost Centuria is released for platforms of Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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