PGA Tour – First details

Electronic Arts Inc. and the United States Golf Association (USGA) announced their plans to authentically display the U.S Open Championship on EA SPORTS PGA Tour.

It’s the toughest major in golf to be played on America’s premier courses, including Torrey Pines, host of the 2021 tournament and The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts, host of 2022. Both courses will be featured on EA SPORTS PGA Tour his and The Country Club at Brookline will make its first video game appearance when the game launches in the spring of 2022.

The U.S. Open Championship brings together the best professional and amateur golfers in the world to test their skills and fight for prestige for their careers. In addition to the U.S. Open, EA SPORTS PGA Tour will also once again bring a number of amateur events to Career Mode, including the U.S. Amateur Championship. In order to realistically translate one of America’s most legendary courses into the game, EA SPORTS used state-of-the-art aerial scanning methods to capture the country club and its unique history as one of the five founding members of the USGA, as well as its history as the setting for Francis Quimet’s triumphant victory in 1913, which has made golf more popular in the eyes of the general public.

Comments on the game

Navin Singh, USGA’s chief commercial officer said: “With the introduction of so many host places in the USGA Championships, including the U.S. Amateur Championship, Career Mode will allow our players to develop their skills in a truly authentic environment.”

Bryson DeChambeau, winner of th U.S. open championship 2020 added. “I’m a huge video game fan, so it is very exciting for me that EA SPORTS is not just the US. Open, but also brings amateur golf events into play, especially because they represent such a decisive step in their careers for many golfers. “

Old and new swing mechanics

Inspired by the long history of the Open and the historic 150th Championship, EA SPORTS takes a look back at its extensive golf video game experience, dating back to 1990, to generate new ideas for the next generation of golfing experiences. In addition to playing golf on the Old Course at St Andrew Links, EA SPORTS PGA Tour we can also look forward to the return of popular elements such as the three-click swing method, which will celebrate their return along with analog and entirely new swing mechanics.

EA SPORTS PGA Tour is the exclusive home of all four major championships: Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open Championship and The Open Championship. In addition to all of these major championships, we can also build a legendary career, authentically participate in our Championship and the FedExCup playoffs, and enjoy the unique atmosphere and venues of each tournament.

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