Lost in Random – Behind the scenes

EA Originals and Zoink Studios released a blog post on Lost in Random, in which the development team takes a behind-the-scenes look at Lost in Random. They address the unique graphic style of the recently released dark adventure, which takes gamers on a bizarre journey through the kingdom of Random.

The blog post delves into the special mix of fairytale and sinister elements and shows how Zoink worked with a variety of thematic concept drawings to create the magical environments in the game. The team talks about the many facets of the unique style – from the composition of the environment, creative materials and character designs to the storyboard and various artists like Heidi Smith from “ParaNorman” who inspired the world of Lost in Random.

When the developers think of their favourite classic tales, there’s always a mix of wonder and terror. After all, every good fairytale has a bit of darkness in it, and that’s something that was integral for the team at Zoink to capture in Lost in Random.

Many artists illustrated concept scenes in Lost in Random, for examples Alfredo Cáceres, Victor Becker and Leo Brynielsson.

Two Town concept art by Victor Becker. Concept art for Two Town by Leo Brynielsson, Even’s home and house props concept art by Victor Becker.

More Behind the scenes details on the blog post of the beautiful kingdom of Random.

Lost in Random is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and on PC via the EA app, Origin and Steam.

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