Dead by Daylight – Portrait of a Murder

Behavior Interactive announced the arrival of Dead by Daylight in the Epic Games Store for the end of December and at the same time announces the details of the new original chapter.

The DLC, available this month, features two Latin American newcomers – including the game’s first Mexican-American character.

About Portrait of a Murder

Portrait of a Murder is an artful ode to fear and darkness in the surreal interpretation of a lonely cemetery in the Chilean desert. Dave Richard, Creative Director of Dead by Daylight explains: “With the Portrait of a Murder chapter, Dead by Daylight is returning to its roots: its own story and its own universe, immersed in mystery, dark fantasy and fear. The new characters are fresh and different – as one is used to from our DNA and player base.” It is a new chapter with killer, survivor and a new map.

Carmina the new killer

The Artist – the talented but tortured Chilean painter Carmina Mora. Carmina was on the verge of killing herself but was saved by an eerie flock of crows. This unreal experience gave her deep black, surreal art a new expression: daring, large and colorful. She began painting large-format murals on street corners with militant messages denouncing local corruption. Wherever she worked, crows followed her. As it gained more attention and exposed worse crimes, the death threats began. At some point, Carmina and her friends were kidnapped and taken to an abandoned cemetery in the middle of the desert. Only a swarm of crows protected them from their attackers, who left them disfigured. So she was brought to the entity through which she now wants to take revenge.

Fans who prefer to roam the world of the entity in the role of survivor can meet the Mexican-American character Jonah Vasquez. As a motivated CIA code breaker, it was a matter of course for the experienced agent to decipher mathematical equations and the secrets they contained. Since his youth he had seen a sequence of numbers that seemed to follow him everywhere. When the numbers came up again during a mission, he discovered a formula that led him to an incredible reality: an abandoned cemetery in Chile.

In the dusty expanse of the Chilean desert lies a cemetery that has been abandoned by the living and marked by time: The Lonely Cemetery. He became known again through violence because he was the scene of the bloody murder of Carmina Mora and her friends. The new map offers, among other things, a towering crypt that serves as a place to sleep for the crows, from which they can watch what is going on.

The new Portrait of a Murder DLC will be available in November in the Microsoft Store, Steam and Stadia as well as for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. It will be released shortly on the Epic Games Store.

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