Intruder in Antiquonia – finishing the character Terry

The developers are almost done with the character design. Right now they are designing the last character, Terry, and the developers wanted to share this very special moment with us.

The design is not quite finished yet, as the developer are still making minor changes to the face and clothing, but the general direction of the character is set. Terry is in her forties and has short, black, curly hair. She’s a bit sarcastic and has a dangerous job. As usual, the developers can not give away more details without spoiling important parts of the story. So we have to wait and see what’s us awaiting in the game.

Development update

in previous updates the developers told us that, all the backgrounds of the game have been completed. Now they are close to finishing the last character design as well. The developers just finished all the animations for the demo. So we can play the demo and give feedback about bug and improvements to make for the game. The developers already have a few known bugs that they will fix before asking for our help in testing.

In even bigger news, last week The developer decided to enter the IndieDB “Indie of the Year 2021” contest. Although they did not make much of a fuss about it, they made it into the top 100, which means the developer are nominated. We can vote for the developers of the game Intruder in Antiquonia on the official website.

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