Tales of Luminaria – released

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment is proud to announce the release of Tales of Luminaria, the new 3D anime action RPG in the Tales of series for iOS and Android. The title offers a completely new world, with 21 different protagonists, whose stories are interwoven.

Tales of Luminaria is the first part of the series with ensemble scenarios in which all 21 different protagonists with different beliefs and goals meet and grow as characters as they go their own life. The game offers action-packed battles by means of intuitive tap-and-flick controls of three characters who master a wide variety of weapons, according to their personality. With three different groups and a total of 21 different protagonists, who all have their own convictions and pursue goals, Tales of Luminaria offers fans an exciting mobile RPG in which only playing different characters reveals further parts of the story.


Long ago, this Land was home to beasts the size of mountains that have now become petrified. Mana overflowed from their remains, drawing people who sought its power, and civilizations sprang up. People came to revere these mana-producing creatures, which they named “Primordial Beasts”. They built their lives around them. Thus began the worship of the Primordial Beasts.

War erupts between the Jerle Federation, an alliance of countries who worship the Primordial Beasts, and the Gildllan Empire, which has enjoyed explosive development thanks to advanced technology. The fires of war burn ever brighter. Federation knights-in-training, imperial soldiers, and adventures who owe allegiance to neither side.

About Mana

The very energy that everything in the world is made from. When a material or lifeform loses its mana, it becomes unable to perpetuate its existence and turns to dust. Humanity is supported by the mana emitted from the Primordial Beasts, which can enrich their daily lives via the casting of artes. Through the invention of Embleos and Reactors, human civilization was able to advance even further. Mana usually cannot be seen with the naked eye, but may appear as a yellow-green glow in high enough concentrations. People throughout the world have sighted luminous streaks of mana drifting across the sky, something referred to as “a mana flow.”

The gameplay

Fans can expect action-packed fights using intuitive tap-and-flick controls that match the personality of the respective characters, regardless of whether they prefer swords or prefer to shoot a bow and arrow from a distance. Together with other players, information must be gathered in villages and towns and dungeons explored, in which numerous monsters and huge bosses await.

The characters

The game offers 21 different characters as protagonists: there are young aspiring knights who belong to the Jerle Federation, generals who support the Gildllan Empire and adventurers who search for the truth without belonging to one of the countries. In the war between the Federation and the Reich, the 21 protagonists of the three groups form bonds with their friends, while they live their lives according to their own convictions and pursue their own goals. By playing different characters, we immerse ourselves in our respective points of view and penetrate deeper into the plot and the game world.

About Primordial Beasts

Primordial Beasts are beasts with massive bodies and catastrophic power that once roamed the land. Named “Primordial Beasts” because they are the primordial source of the world’s mana. Nine of them exist, all petrified and turned into “Primordial Fossils.” Mana flows from these fossils into the earth, making it easier to grow crops and other resources, which resulted in large cities being built around them.

About the Jerle Federation

Jerle Federation, also just referred to as the Federation, is a religious group of states ruled by Vicar Kanon, the Holy Maiden of Origin the Creator. Its people worship mana and the Primordial Beasts, believing them to be holy. The Federation consists of five nations: Temenos Archonis, Silvayer Forestdom, Amr Qhaghan, Huazar League, and Odrgard Peakdom. Important political issues are decided by the federal congress, attended by leaders of the chief nations and presided over by the Vicar. The military force where all the Federation’s knights are affiliated. In addition to rank-and-file soldiers, its troops also contain an Order of Stigmata Knights, a force of Embleo-wielding knights led by Knight Commander Bertalan. Not much is known about it but it also incorporates an intelligence unit called the Shade Corps.

About the Gildllan Empire

Gildllan Empire, also just referred to as the Empire, is a technologically advanced superpower ruled by the current Emperor Sigismund. Comprised of land originally known as the “Gildlla Wilderness,” the “Dark Caves of Shayor,” and the “Miasui Icedom,” its unique Reactor technology, which efficiently harnesses mana from the Primordial Beasts, has drastically improved the quality of life for its citizens. However, Vicar Kanon and the rulers of the Jerle Federation who worship the Primordial Beasts, saw this as “heretical misuse” of holy mana, leading to the Empire seceding from the Federation. The resulting rift later resulted in the Anathema War between the two sides. A military force under the command of the emperor and chancellor. Many of its soldiers are equipped with Reactors, and while it is inferior to the Federation army when it comes to sheer numbers, it surpasses them in fighting strength. It is also home to the Alpha Generals, also known as the “Wolves,” who are a team of officers who answer to no one but the emperor himself; their overwhelming fighting abilities enable them to conduct military operations solo.

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