Fortnite – Winter Festivial

Epic Games announced the return of the Fortnite Winter Festival. This year’s festivities run from December 16 at 3 p.m. to January 6 at 3 p.m. and bring a total of 14 free gifts – including two outfits – from Sgt. Winter for the fans.

In addition, the “Spider-Man (No Way Home)” and “MJ (No Way Home)” outfits will be available in the item shop from December 16 at 1 am.

The Winterfest Lodge has reopened and Sgt. Winter will unwrap a new present every day for 14 days, including the two outfits Chrisabelle and Winter-Schali. In addition to the two outfits, the gifts will include two pickaxes, two paint jobs, lobby music and a hang glider, contrail, emote, loading screen, emoticon, spray motif and banner. All gifts can be opened until the end of the Winter Festival on January 6th, even if a single day has been missed.

Winterfest missions with rewards

Not only does Sgt. Winter hand out new gifts every day, but also new and winter tasks every day for 14 days. The individual missions can be viewed on the “missions” page in the game and of course also bring us XP and rewards. After successfully completing seven orders, the hang glider beckons “Snow Mano Board” and the back accessory “Ice Lama” for all ten.

Winter festival in creative mode

Winter is not only prevalent on the island. After the announcement of the winter creator competition in November, numerous creations were received that can now be found in the “Winterfest” tab, next to “Discover” in the creative mode. Everyone who has played on the cards / games of Creators for at least two hours will receive the emoticon “Old Knacker”, the spray motif “Llama Reindeer”, an Advent agitator banner and a New Year 2022 banner.

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