Nine to Five – Early Access

Redhill Games announced that the team-based shooter Nine to Five for PC is now in the open beta phase and can be downloaded via Steam Early Access.

In the multiplayer shooter, three teams of three compete against each other in captivating battles, in which strategy and cooperation are crucial for victory. Nine to Five is set in a near future dominated by corporations and being a mercenary is just another job.

In Nine to Five, team play and tactics are more important than pure reflexes. The matches develop in three phases, each of which influences the next. The teams must therefore constantly adapt their strategies to new situations in order to achieve victory. The card design opens up a number of possibilities to achieve certain goals and gives the teams different options for planning and executing their strategies.

An arsenal of 19 customizable weapons is available to unlock for anyone interested. In addition, there are various gadgets with which our own skills can be put to the test in three game modes and on two maps. Each of these maps offers unique layouts and dynamic goals that develop with each round. It is also possible to unlock and buy skins and other cosmetic items in order to personalize the game experience. Significant progress can be made in each session, and new content and updates will be introduced over and over again during the early access phase.

Community feedback is continuously incorporated into the development of Nine to Five. Reaching the Early Access phase is a major milestone for Redhill Games and the most important task now is to make Nine to Five an ever-evolving and exciting experience for anyone who enjoys tactical, team-based FPS action.

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