EVE Online in christmas spirit

To celebrate yet another year of intergalactic adventure in EVE Online, CCP Games will soon be releasing personalized “Your Year in EVE” highlight rolls. The bespoke Year In Review videos will celebrate the accomplishments the intrepid capsuleers have achieved throughout the year.

From exploration to PvP, mission operations to manufacturing, these videos provide an accurate snapshot of what EVE meant to the community in 2021 – and what the community meant to EVE. All Omega subscribers who were active between December 1, 2020 and November 30, 2021 can now log in to see their personal recap.

Air Station

Capsuleers looking to get in the Christmas spirit can take part in the annual Winter Nexus event, which runs until January 4, 2022. This year we can experience special winter ice storms, take part in festive seasonal activities, accept new challenges, take part in a special “test area of ​​the abyss” and much more.

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