Bandai Namco Holiday Sale

In the Bandai Namco Store are many products at a christmas cherry price! The Holiday sale we can save for some game up to 95%. These savings on games in the Namco Bandai Store, Nintendo Store and PlayStation Store are available from now on until 1.3.22.

Holiday Sale

On the Nintendo Store we can get games like Resident Evil, Mega Man 11, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Ace Attorney Turnabout Collection by this games we can save up to 26 %. More games on Holiday Sale we find in the Nintendo Store.

PlayStation offers also serveral game titles on their Store to a sale. For example Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gold or Deluxe are 60 % reduced, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game of the Year Edition is on sale with 50 % and Mortal Combat is with 80% on sale. For more sales offers we go to the PlayStation Store.

Furthermore on the Bandai Namco Store we have the opportunity to save up to 95% for games, go and see which offers Bandai Namco Store have for us.

To don’t miss any Holiday Sales of Nintendo, PlayStation and Bandai Namco follow them to the Store websites Nintendo Store, PlayStation Store, Bandai Namco Store or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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