NHL 22 – Breaking Ice series on YouTube

EA SPORTS and UNINTERRUPTED Canada have announced the launch of the five-part digital series “Breaking Ice”, which is available on YouTube. The series portrays the pioneers of diversity in ice hockey and follows the athletes, players and professionals who break the pattern of what it means to be active in Canada’s favorite sport.

The series aims to stimulate discussion, raise awareness and show the people who are changing the culture of ice hockey to lead it into a more inclusive, diverse and positive future.

“Breaking Ice” reveals new stories and reflections on inclusion in professional ice hockey. Each episode follows game changers like Luke Prokop of the Nashville Predators, the first openly gay player with an active NHL contract, the indigenous Ethan Bear, defender with the Carolina Hurricanes, Saroya Tinker, professional ice hockey player in the Premier Hockey Federation, as well as members of the Women’s National Teams from Canada and the United States, all of whom are working hard to change the world of sport in the long term and comprehensively. Each episode lasts about five to eight minutes, with a discussion round with all participating athletes concluding the series.

Directors comments of Breaking Ice

Paul Marr, Senior Director of Creative at EA SPORTS Said: “The stories of players like Luke Prokop, Ethan Bear and Saroya Tinker are inspiring, they promote diversity and inclusion in ice hockey, and we are honored to bring it to life in and out of the game.”

Callum Ng, director of branded content at UNINTERRUPTED Canada added: “The strength and courage you have shown throughout your life and your journey as professional ice hockey players will touch the audience deeply.”

The first episode accompanies Prokop, who changed the perception of the game forever in an Instagram post on July 19, 2021 and encouraged positive change in sport. He has come out as the first active player with an NHL contract, paving the way for the LGBT2SQIA + community. In this episode of “Breaking Ice” Luke talks about his anguish and personal sacrifices on the way to coming out – first in the family and then in front of the whole world. His message of appreciation and love resonates not only in the ice hockey community, but everywhere.

EA SPORTS NHL 22 is developed by EA Vancouver and EA Romania and is available since October 15, 2021 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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