Dead by Daylight – Ringu will be added in March

Behavior Interactive announced that a horror classic will join the extensive range of Dead by Daylight in March. Together with the Japanese entertainment manufacturer and publisher Kadokawa, Behavior Interactive is working on integrating the cult franchise Ringu into the world of horror games.

Ringu introduced imagery that has long haunted fans and fueled nightmares around the world. This new chapter, inspired by Koji Suzuki’s novel and the original film adaptation, will open the door to thrills and diverse gameplay opportunities as it combines the eerie and melancholy world of the horror classic with the twisted fantasy of Dead by Daylight.

Koji Suzuki’s Ring, originally published in 1991, tells the ghostly story of a spreading curse and its death row victims. The curse began with a video that, when viewed, promises death in seven days. In 1998, the novel was filmed as a Japanese feature film of the same name, known to North American and European audiences under the title Ringu. The story quickly became a sensation in other Asian countries and around the world, instantly adding a new presence to the horror icons of cinema.

Game Director and producer comments

Mathieu Côté, Game Director at Behavior Interactive said: “The importance of the Ringu series in Japan and its cultural influence around the world are undeniable. To have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this legendary story by making Ringu in Dead by Daylight is a great honor, there is something very dark and unsettling about this new chapter for our fans, a truly heartbreaking experience that adds to the already intense intensity of our game.”

Reiko Imayasu, producer at Kadokawa Corporation added: “We’re excited to be working with Behavior Interactive and the Dead by Daylight team. We’re going to send one of our most terrifying characters into the fog to create a horror that rivals any of its great predecessors, fans should be careful when they meet the deadly newcomer. But until that happens, they will have to tremble with fear.”

The new chapter based on Ringu comes to Dead by Daylight in March 2022. More details will follow.

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