Train Life: A Railway Simulator

More than two months after its Early Access start on the PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), Train Life: A Railway Simulator is still very popular by the community with 83% positive ratings and is now receiving a first major update.

Train Life is the first simulator that allows us to experience the job of a train driver while running our own railroad company. The update brings two new ICE trains into play. These high-speed trains used by Deutsche Bahn can be used in Train Life: A Railway Simulator for journeys between several German metropolises. As part of the update, We use the train models ICE 3 and ICE 4 and experience the realistic replica of the driver’s cab.

In addition to the trains, new routes and stations are also coming into play. End of the game travel to London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and many other faithfully reproduced train stations to transport passengers and goods.

The mission mode has been expanded to include new scenarios in which we have to achieve goals and meet certain conditions. Some specialist knowledge is required to master the new challenges. In addition, the title has been provided with some updates that increase quality, stability and realism. In the live stream published a month ago with the developers of Simteract, the new features of the update were also presented.

Train life: A Railway Simulator takes us to the top of a railway company. For the first time in the genre, we have the task of expanding our company and becoming an experienced train driver at the same time. Train drivers need to be hired and trains bought while contractual goals need to be set. This unique management aspect is supported by the game’s detailed train and drive system.

NACON and Simteract paid special attention to the modeling of realistic train models and management gameplay to create a fun and authentic train experience. Train Life: A Railway Simulator is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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