Retro publisher Incube8 Games and indie development studio Asobi.tech announced that the pre-order window for the physical cartridge of D*Fuzed, for the Nintendo Game Boy Color, is live. 

D*Fuzed is a turn-based logic puzzle game, where just one wrong move can be our last. Defuse bombs to collect energy – the higher the countdown, the greater the energy. Avoid bombs that are about to blow, and try not to get hit by a laser along the way.

Game Editions

Standard Edition Includes

  • Sealed box
  • Clear gray cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Pre-sale versions include a limited edition D*Fuzed stickers sheet.
  • Silkscreened PCB with artwork on the backside

Collector’s Edition Includes

  • Limited gradient sealed box
  • Limited purple game cartridge
  • Clear cartridge protector
  • Instruction booklet
  • Stickers sheet
  • Game soundtrack on CD and digital download
  • Enamel pins: Beep character
  • Hand-numbered certificate of authenticity
  • Limited to 200 numbered copies


  • 2D pixel art
  • Turn-based logic puzzle game with high replayability
  • Difficulty increases with each room
  • Additional hazards; pits, lasers, cannons… 
  • 4 Robot friends to rescue
  • 5 Danger zones to get through
  • 21 levels
  • 1 Big Bad Boss to defeat
  • Exciting Chiptune music tracks
  • Fully compatible with all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance handhelds

Incube8 Games, Retro Modding, Asobi.tech

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