Hunting Simulator 2 – On Stadia

NACON and development studio Neopica announced the release of Hunting Simulator 2 on Stadia. In Hunting Simulator 2 you have to explore an open world and the surroundings of the game.

Alain Falc, CEO of NACON said: “We’re excited to be releasing our first game on Stadia. On this platform, anyone with internet access can play Hunting Simulator 2 without having to download or install the game. In this way, even more people can get to know the extensive and official content of the game, ”said.

About Hunting Simulation 2

In Hunting Simulator 2 there are even larger, more varied and more spectacular hunting grounds thanks to newly designed graphics and sound effects. At the side of a hunting dog you have to track down 33 animal species and hunt them. There are 160 official weapons, accessories and clothing items from well-known brands such as Browning, Winchester, Bushnell, Kryptek, Verney-Carron and others to choose from, creating the most realistic experience possible.

Hunting Simulator 2 is available in stores for PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PC and Nintendo Switch ™ and is now also available on Stadia.

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