Neverwinter – Final milestone

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announce that the third and final milestone of Neverwinter’s Battle Pass Echoes of Prophecy is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The final milestone, Across Dragons and Spheres, brings the Echoes of Prophecy campaign to its epic conclusion when the mystery of the return of the dragon cult is revealed. In hopes of thwarting a ritual that could plunge all of Faerûn into darkness, we must band together and stop the cultists. Echoes of Prophecy leads to the campaign for Neverwinter’s next major expansion, launching next month. Players who complete the final milestone of the Battle Pass will get a first glimpse of the story of the new expansion.

In addition to the new story content, the final update of Echoes of Prophecy brings only temporary rewards, such as the Legendary Mount Choice Pack and the Companion Lion, which we can unlock by logging in, playing the campaign and completing repeatable quests. Anyone who wants to secure additional rewards such as the Armored Mini Lions from Neverwinter can also purchase the Premium Battle Pass.

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