MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

The developer are delighted to inform us that the Kickstarter campaign to fund the voiceover work for MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince, has achieved its funding goal.

Thanks to the help of 79 backers and 108% funding, MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince will now have voiceovers in-game. MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince raises $5.5k on Kickstarter.

About MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince is a fast-paced, 2.5D merfolk-themed fighting game involving 12 fishy fighters influenced by various sea life such as angler fish, sharks, the Yellowtail Fang Blenny. The finished game will feature 12 playable characters, various in-game tutorials, and single-player modes such as a branching story mode. We can currently download a free playable demo from or GameJolt.


  • 12 playable characters inspired by various sea life
  • Challenge combos and defense modes
  • Online multiplayer and 8 player lobbies
  • A “flexible” input system that works with simplified inputs while rewarding those who can perform more standard ones

To don’t miss any latest news about MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince follow the creators on Twitter,, GameJolt, Discord, YouTube, Kickstarter, Patreon and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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