Bigben – Nintendo Switch OLED products

Bigben Interactive announced the launch of new products for the Nintendo Switch OLED. Just in time for Christmas business 2021.

Bigben had announced the launch of a new range of accessory products for the new Nintendo Switch OLED. Four new products should support the new console in all everyday situations and protect it from damage.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

In contrast to the other models already released, the new Nintendo Switch OLED has a screen protector on the screen ex works. However, this film does not itself protect against screen damage, but in the worst case only should prevent the display from splitting. In order to still get optimal protection for our own console, Bigben has developed a tempered glass screen protector especially for the Nintendo Switch OLED. This additional film, which is stuck over the existing one, offers additional security against everyday hazards for the screen.

Silicon Glove (gray / black)

The new Silicon Glove in either gray or black offers additional security for everyone who uses their Nintendo Switch OLED, especially in handheld mode. The cover made of silicone fits perfectly to the console and absorbs light impacts so that no damage occurs. At the same time, the soft material ensures a better grip even during more exciting games.

Polycarbonate hard case (clear)

The polycarbonate hard case (clear) is the perfect partner for everyone who wants maximum protection for their console. This hard case made of plastic protects the Nintendo Switch OLED from all everyday hazards without being damaged. The transparent material does not cover the console either, so that neither Joy-Cons nor the Nintendo Switch OLED itself are hidden.

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