EVE Online x Doctor Who -Coorperation

CCP Games and BBC Studios have teamed up for EVE Online x Doctor Who, a crossover event between the popular action adventure series Doctor Who and the free-to-play space MMO EVE Online.

In EVE Online x Doctor Who, universes will collide from January 13th to February 1st, when Capsuleers and Whovians face the Daleks in great space battles.

About Eve Online

EVE Online is a free, community-driven spacecraft MMO developed by CCP Games in Reykjavik, in which We can choose our own path between the stars from countless options. The game was launched in 2003 and has since become known for its size, complexity, and the power of its online community. EVE Online is one of the most critically acclaimed intellectual property rights (IPs) for MMORPGs in time and space and one of the largest science fiction works in the world.

More details of the collaboration

EVE Online x Doctor Who introduces a new Gallifrey-themed area where we will search for artifacts from the Doctor Who Great War. The artifacts provide clues to track down the infamous Daleks and face them in an interstellar battle of the ages. Those who survive the battle will receive unique rewards to take back to New Eden. In addition, a login campaign with skill points and Doctor Who-style items will be available to all for the duration of the event.

EVE Online x Doctor Who marks the first major collaboration for the space MMO and a new milestone in CCP’s journey to broaden the horizons of New Eden and welcome new players to its storied universe. EVE Online has seen incredible growth over the course of 18 years and will have more than 24 million active users by 2021. CCP recently revamped the entry-level experience for newbies so this is the perfect time to begin the journey in EVE Online.

Comments on this collaboration

Bergur Finnbogason, Creative Director of EVE Online said: “The year 2022 will have an (inter) stellar start with EVE Online x Doctor Who, we’re always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in EVE Online. Working with BBC Studios gives us the opportunity to pay homage to an iconic series that inspired us at CCP. We hope you guys join us on January 13th in New Eden to see what happens when galaxies collide! “

Kevin Jorge, Senior Producer at BBC Studios said: “EVE Online x Doctor Who brings not only two iconic universes together, but also the passionate Whovians with the equally passionate pilots of New Eden, bringing the fan bases together will make the already massive battles of EVE Online even more explosive. Only time will tell whether the toughest pilots of New Eden have what it takes to challenge the might of the Daleks.”

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