VALORANT – Episode 4 act 1

Riot Games announced that episode 4 act 1 of VALORANT will start on January 11th. With the new episode, a new agent will also join the VALORANT team. Neon is the name of the newcomer whose forte is speed.

Riot Games producer John Goscicki explains: “Everything about neon is designed so that you can dash forward at lightning speed and move quickly. Much of their design was inspired by athletic clothing, sprinter gear, and the physical characteristics of runners.”

With the start of Episode 4 Act 1, a new agent is waiting for the VALORANT community. The Filipino agent can surprise unprepared opponents with flashes of bioluminescent light. Their “Relay Lightning” ability bounces off the wall once before the lightning strikes an area below the point of impact with an explosion. Even the ground can be electrified with the “fast lane” ability with two streams of energy. The ultimate ability of the VALORANT agent also electrifies the opposing team. Neon shoots a laser beam with great precision from our fingertips. To do this, she unleashes the entire bioelectrical charge enriched with radianite that she has accumulated in the battery on her back. In addition, there is not only a new agent in Episode 4 Act 1, but also a new Battlepass, the contents of which are even better coordinated than before.

Comments on the Battlepass and the new content

Associate Art Director Sean Marino said: “We wanted to give the weapon skins a very special role in this Battlepass and particularly emphasize the speed set with the skins for Phantom, Specter, Shorty, Bulldog and Melee, all of which come in 4 color variants.”

As an inspiration for the new Battlepass, Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar explains: “Last time we gained some experience with the Battlepass and therefore wanted to make it a lot of fun again this year. That’s why we’ve added even more Valentine’s Day content, including the My Sweetheart cards and various Valentine’s Day items. ”

In addition, some well-known series, such as the Unstoppable Force Banner, will be continued in this Battlepass. The Battlepass costs 1,000 VP, but also brings free rewards with it.

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