Elland: The Crystal Wars – 2 Days left

Elland: The Crystal Wars is the reincarnation of a previously canceled game 20 years ago that was originally licensed with the IP of Dune and developed by Soft Brigade. 

Thanks to the support of 298 backers, Elland: The Crystal War is now 243% funded and is getting a physical release which includes a cartridge, box and an instruction booklet. We have alsmost two days until Saturday 15, January, 2022, 6:56 PM CET to spend for this project.

About Elland: The Crystal War

Elland: The Crystal Wars is set in a harsh desert world on the outskirts of the Galaxy. The planet is controlled by the cooperative, Elland Inc, which mines the abundant minerals and crystals used in the construction of Galactic star cruisers. Defeat the Trafford Corporation from the neighboring world of Mank, who want to use its financial muscle and military power to control Elland.

To don’t miss any latest news about Elland: The Crystal Wars follow the creators on Instagram, Twitter, Kickstarter, YouTube and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment. For more information about this game visit our latest post.

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