Megaquarium – Deluxe expansion Freshwater Frenzy

Freshwater Frenzy is the first Deluxe Expansion for Megaquarium. It adds a brand new environment for you to explore and master – freshwater. Megaquarium is a theme park management tycoon game with an aquatic twist.

Design our displays, look after our fish, manage our staff and keep our guests happy. Freshwater Frenzy brings so much new content to the game. From the prehistoric Arapaima to the infamous Piranha, Freshwater Frenzy is packed full of new species to discover. There are new care requirements to learn and demanding new aquascaping requirements to fulfil too!

About the new updates in Freshwater Frenzy

We will be able to rear baby animals in our aquarium. There are unique breeding requirements for each animal, so breeding them is no easy task, and nor is raising them! Reptiles such as turtles and crocs require land as well as water, which means there are new tank designs to help us to look after our animals. We can also simply completing the Freshwater Frenzy campaign to explore everything of freshwater and learn all about freshwater animals.

New Features in Freshwater Frenzy

  • 5 levels in a freshwater-focused campaign
  • 30 freshwaterspecies
  • 7 new tanks
  • 4 accessories to equip your staff
  • Dozens of new objects including decorations, plants, equipment and posters
  • 4 brand new paints to keep your aquarium looking “fresh”

New inhabitants

Freshwater Frenzy brings thirty new species of fish, and three species of reptiles; Eastern Long-necked Turtle, Dwarf Crocodile, and Green Anaconda. Each of these new inhabitants have new care requirements, new tanks, new challenges and the reptiles need tanks that will allow them to live on land and in water. 

Equipments for the new tanks

Freshwater Frenzy is not only bringing new animals, but also there are tanks with suspended platforms, which allow our guests to view tanks from a whole new perspective and also can bridge different areas of our aquarium together. There are new tanks for our reptilian friends too, ones that accommodate both land and water, so they can be happy reptiles. 

Freshwater Frenzy an funny and challenging Game

Whether we breed and hybridise fishes, that need a individual breeding requirements or to keep an eye on the pH scales, that some animals in Freshwater Frenzy need. It contains all in this challenging and at the same time funny Game.

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