Intruder in Antiquonia – Day and night times

The game of Aruma Studios includes day and night time. Now the developers want to share with us a very special scene that is right in between and has a very beautiful light.

This is a substation that supplies electricity to the entire town. As we can imagine, the developers can not tell us why Sarah or Julia are there without spoilers. They really happy with how this background looks.

Development status

The developers are very fortunate that Lizartonne from Digital Monster Collective has agreed to help us with the animation.

One of the developers said “He is extremely fast and a much better animator than I am. This gives me more time for troubleshooting and marketing now that we are really close to the finish line.” During the beta testing of the demo, the developers found that bug fixing takes a lot more time than they expected, and one of the developer will focus on that since programming is his specialty.

The developers of the game are participating in the Big Adventure Event, a Steam event that starts on Thursday (January 20) and lasts 5 days, and they will release their demo at the beginning of this event. The developers said; They will be taking care of many more issues before the release, and after the release they’ll follow up with more updates for things like custom mouse pointers that need a bit more work and sadly will not be ready in time for Thursday.

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