Strauss Prime League

Freaks 4U Gaming, a global full-service agency specializing in gaming and esports, has announced that Engelbert Strauss, a leading European work and utility wear brand, is the official namesake of the League of Legends Prime League in the DACH region is.

The partnership is the first naming rights agreement concluded by Freaks 4U Gaming for the Prime League and the first Esports sponsorship by Strauss. The newly named Strauss Prime League will start the coming season in January.

History of Prime League

The multi-year agreement is an unprecedented milestone for esports in the DACH region. At the same time, it represents the largest commitment to date among esports projects of a similar magnitude. It underscores the success of Freaks 4U Gaming in developing a product licensed by a publisher on which a comprehensive, sustainable esports ecosystem is built, as well as the potential of one of the worldwide established gaming and esports markets. The sponsorship is evidence of Strauss’s ambitions to become a key player in the League of Legends community and the European esports scene, committed to youth development and promoting a positive and sustainable environment for young up-and-coming talent.

Freaks 4U Gaming took over the official license and rights to operate the Premier Tour, the predecessor of the Prime League, from Riot Games in 2018. The company is instrumental in improving the League of Legends competitive landscape for fans of all skill levels and is committed to continuing to deliver quality content to the community. Together with Strauss, Freaks 4U Gaming will invest in a studio upgrade in the six-figure euro range in order to further optimize the production quality of the Strauss Prime League. Strauss is also currently designing and developing a collection of high quality and durable Strauss Prime League lifestyle clothing.

Comments on the partnership

Marco Niemann, Vice President Commercial at Freaks 4U Gaming said: “Freaks 4U Gaming has developed an extremely successful product and ecosystem around the Prime League over the years, and the timing of our partnership with Strauss couldn’t be more appropriate.”

Henning Strauss, CEO of Engelbert Strauss, explains: “We enjoy bringing our branding expertise to this young and highly dynamic industry. We want to help shape their identity and perception. “

Strauss recently announced its “Strauss Talent Camp” initiative in collaboration with the Esports Player Foundation to provide young talent with extensive means and resources, including in-game coaching and training in physical fitness, nutrition and mental health , Education and media.

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