Summoners War: Sky Arena – collectible figures

Com2uS announced that two limited collectible figures from the mobile MMORPG Summoners War: Sky Arena are now available for pre-order – the twin monsters Shaina and Maruna.

Com2uS is thus offering official merchandise items for sale online for the first time. The figurines of the two characters can be pre-ordered from January 14th to February 13th on the official Gururang shop site and are available worldwide.

The two collectibles have specially constructed bases, the shape of which was designed so that the figures can be purchased and displayed individually or as a set. When both figures are combined as a complete set, the LED lamps on the base light up, revealing the special gimmick of the diorama.

The concept of the two figures is based on the twin characters in Summoners War: Sky Arena. In addition, each figure comes with a Summoners War coupon that unlocks a Legendary Scroll, 30 Mystical Scrolls, a Devilmon, and 2,000 Crystals.

The chakram dancer Shaina and the boomerang warrior Maruna are twin monsters that appeared in the game for the first time in 2018 and are loved by the players for their interesting abilities with their different weapons.

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