Angry Birds Journey – Released

After a successful soft launch in selected countries, Finnish games studio Rovio announced the worldwide release of their new mobile game Angry Birds Journey for Android and iOS.

Over the course of the beloved bird’s 12-year adventure, the franchise has adapted into multiple genres and now returns to its roots with Angry Birds Journey – a slingshot puzzle game.

Angry Birds Journey builds on the updated and modern version of the well-known Angry Birds gameplay and thus also brings back the long-time fan favorite – the slingshot. Accessible to a wide audience and equipped with a great fun factor, the game also contains a detailed game world and exciting story. In keeping with the eponymous title, the birds travel the world to retrieve and activate the mysterious egg-shaped artifacts called Egg Wonders before the pigs can.

Rovio CEO Alex Pelletier-Normand on the game’s release said: “The love for the original Slingshot gameplay remains unbroken after 12 years. Today, with the global launch of Angry Birds Journey, we’re excited to bring fans an all-new Angry Birds experience that puts the slingshot at the center While Angry Birds Journey differs greatly from the classic games with its updated and streamlined gameplay, it features the same satisfying gameplay and iconic characters that have defined the Angry Birds games over the years. We believe that Angry Birds Journey offers something for longtime Angry Birds fans but is also more accessible, making it a great entry point for those new to the classic Slingshot games,”

More Angry Birds highlights will follow this year

The first full-length animated series, Angry Birds: Summer Madness, lands on Netflix on January 28, and a remake of the original Angry Birds is in development at the same time. In addition, fans can look forward to upcoming brand partnerships, events and numerous updates for their favorite games.

Angry Birds Journey is available now for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. As a special bonus, everyone who downloads and launches the game in the first week will receive a special pack of in-game items to help launch the game.

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