Electrician Simulator First Shock – Released

Independent publishing studios Ultimate Games and Gaming Factory is releasing  Electrician Simulator – First Shock, the free-to-play prologue for the upcoming Electrician Simulator game on Steam.

Start off with small jobs and progress to very large and complicated installations. Prepare for a shocking experience!

For passionate and aspiring electricians, the world of Electrician Simulator – First Shock allows us to test our skills or learn new ones from scratch. Train ourselves in the prologue to start a professional career.

About Electrician Simulator – First Shock

In Electrician Simulator – First Shock, learn the ropes from our Dad to become an electrician. Repair and assemble sockets, panels, strips, plugs, chandeliers and even change light bulbs and try to avoid getting electrocuted. 


  • Repairing socket and switches
  • Laying cables
  • Switching fuses on and off
  • Fixing devices on the workbench
  • Completing errands in both fully lit and completely dark locations

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