Handball Manager 2022 – DLC content released

Independent development studio netmin games GmbH had released the DLC for Handball Manager 2022.

Handball Manager 2021/22 takes us back to the court to put ourselves in the shoes of a handball club manager. Sign the best players for our team, train them effortfully. The new Handball Manager 2022 DLC gives us the latest data for our personal manager career. With the purchase of this DLC we get access to the current squad lists of the season 21/22, promotion and relegation, new player images, new sponsors and many other optimizations.

Handball Manager 2022 DLC

Handball Manager 2022 DLC contains the official licenses of LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga –the German league– as well as it’s second division, Liga Sacyr ASOBAL –the Spanish league– and the Extraliga –the Czech league. The Handball Manager 2022 Edition will include Handball Manager 2021 and the DLC Handball Manager 2022. 

New Content

  • New player pictures
  • New squad lists
  • New datasets
  • New team photos
  • New manager pictures
  • New ingame graphics
  • New sponsors

Additional improvements to Handball Manager 2022

  • Optimized match schedules
  • Improved images of youth players and non-licensed players
  • Three different difficulty levels


  • Start our career in our favorite club. Practice and manage our handball team from the amateur league to the top. 
  • Featuring the official licenses of LIQUI MOLY Handball-Bundesliga, 2nd Handball-Bundesliga, Liga Sacyr ASOBAL and Extraliga.
  • We can use real players and real clubs or create our own team with the editor.
  • Use the endless range of functions with training, tactics, transfers, stadium, fan support, youth work, merchandising, private life, stock market and real careers to become an immortal legend in the handball world.
  • Easy to use thanks to the intuitive e-mail system and many assistants.
  • Take over the tasks of national coach and lead our team to world championships and Olympic victories.
  • Activate the Corona mode and experience the hard times from the point of view of the manager of a handball club.
  • Experience the games live in an action-packed presentation and take full control of our own team – in real time.
  • Manager in men’s and women’s handball
  • Exchange our self-created editor and community content with other players via the Steam Workshop. So we can share the handball universe you have created with the whole world.

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