Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

There was a cinematic trailer for Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown that revealed which city fans of the cult franchise will explore: It’s Hong Kong.

An interview with Amaury Beyris and Alain Jarniou, Game Director and Creative Director at KT Racing, respectively, brought more details to light on some of the title’s features.

Welcome Hongkong

The organisers of the Solar Crown selected Hongkong, a city with many faces to host the next competition. As both an urban jungle and nature jungle. Hongkong is the ideal playground to settle the disputes between the Sharpe and the Streets. The modern and technology leading city of Hongkong is also one of Asia’s Symbols of luxury, where the world’s most incredible street racing car can be found! But Street or Sharpe, the city will only remember one name: the winner of the Solar Crown.

Two differences

Sharps: The Sharps consider themselves an elite class and are characterized by a distinct love of sophistication and classic luxury. As traditionalists, they scorn the extravagance of the streets and their perceived lack of maturity. The Sharps represent the highest society in an elegant and contemporary style.

Streets: The Streets do not want to blend in with the crowd and are certainly not shy about proving it. For them, success is synonymous with making an impression and going against the grain. Provocative and sometimes extremely so, they mock the Sharp’s traditional and conservative ways. The Streets are driven by a much more underground and extravagant street culture.

Not just race

Your racing schedule will also include meetings, transport missions and convoys. You will become respected member of the Solar Crown by standing out an getting yourself known. Doors will open and missions will follow. You can’t lose sight of the competition’s ultimate goal, but you won’t always need to be the fastest. Casinos, nightclubs, rooftops…. Alone or with your trusted circle, you should always at the night at the night time

Garage in Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

The Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown is above all about a love of cars, especially luxury cars. Cars that signify a certain status but also cars that win races! Our garage will be home to Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Range Rover, Koenigsegg, Apollo, Bugatti and many others. However we’ll need to demonstrate our commitment to the Solar Crown and the clan we represent to gain access to all these exclusive models!

The Solar Hotel

The Solar Hotel is the main competition area and also where we live, like our very own HQ. Built by the organizers of the Solar Crown, this enormous tower houses a huge luxury hotel complex. Visible from much of the island, it’s interior design is a perfect blend of technology and the finest materials. The Solar Hotel was designed to be a flagship building for the ultra-high-end market and one that meets the lofty expectations of it’s wealthiest clients.

Note: access to the most luxurious suites is reserved for the most prestigious clients. The guests can enjoy the Solar Hotel’s exclusive service.

A life of luxury

Whether you are Street or Sharpe, you share the same passion for luxury. You just express this passion in different ways. Cars, clothes, rewards, the place you are frequent. It’s clear that money is not your sole motivation. However the reputation you build among the Solar Crown invitees will your best asset.

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