Moon Farming

The Prologue of Moon Farming is a free-to-play modern farming game. The Game has been released on Steam since January 6. In Moon Farming – Prologue we jump in the role of a real modern farmer on the Moon.

Explore new farming possibilities in a new Moon environment. Prepare land on the Moon for your base and vertical farming inside of it. 

CEO of SimulaM Maksym Vysochanskiy said: “Initially the first demo of Moon Farming was published during Summer Steam Festival 2021. And it got huge support and feedback from the community with sharing new ideas. Now, we are glad to present a new free version to all our community and new players too.“

Start growing different types of crops and plant trees with vertical technologies. Use tiny spaces with vertical farming and see impressive results from such farming on the Moon. Unlike any other farming game, in Moon Farming – Prologue we can experience riding in our Moon Rover and robots to explore the vast areas offered in huge open worlds on Moon. The Game is a snippet of the yet to be released full version of the game on Steam.

To don’t miss any latest news about Moon Farming follow the creators on Facebook, YouTube, Steam and the official website or subscribe Our Planet of Entertainment.

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