Poker Tower Defense – Released

Com2uS Holdings announced the launch of Poker Tower Defense, a real-time PvP tactical defense game, for Android and iOS. Poker Tower Defense is a combination of the well-known poker game principle with strategic tower defense battles.

We create our own decks based on a variety of hero and soldier cards to best prepare for any situation.

Multiple game modes

Versus Mode – Upon entering the arena, everyone must wager an entry fee. Whoever wins gets the opponent’s bet and a chest as a reward.
Duo Mode – Card Masters can team up to manage their own boards and defend the Diamond Kingdom. Card abilities and hero abilities also take effect across the board, allowing well-coordinated teams to make even more powerful plays against enemies.
Challenge Mode – The King’s Quest features a 50-story tower that increases in difficulty with each floor. In addition, we can compete against each other in the Last Hero Standing Challenge within one day. Matches in this Challenge take place in six leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titan and Diamond.

About Poker Tower Defense

Poker Tower Defense is set in the magical Diamond Kingdom, known for its vast diamond mines. Players must defend their lands from invading enemies who are after the precious gems. As a Card Master (Hero), they hone their defense skills by competing in Tournaments and working together in Duo Tournaments. Each Card Master has their own deck of Soldier cards that participate in combat each turn. In battle, the heroes’ unique abilities must be combined with the strength of the soldiers to defeat the opponents.

Poker Tower Defense is now available to download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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