Swarm the City: Zombie Evolved

The official Early Access version of Swarm the City: Zombie Evolved released with 5 Chapters. Casual simulation strategy zombie game.

Swarm the City has 20 unique simulated cities, and an army of cops and soldiers with different weapons, mechanical robots, and vehicles with turrets, operating under different social patterns. We can also use the skill option of injecting the plague before the start to affect the situation, a bit similar to the setting of Plague Inc.


Thousands of years ago, Karr the King of zombies, was defeated by human forces and sealed beneath the base of St. Maria Church.
Now, the workers found the sarcophagus and inadvertently broke the seal. The ancient lord of death had awakened with a new nightmare to spread again.

Dozens of different maps, including different environments, buildings, fortifications, and city layouts. Strength alone is not enough to conquer the world. Use our wits to find the city’s weak spots and strike the mortal blow!

Human resistance

Humans will not surrender so easily. As the battle goes deeper, they will send out a variety of powerful human armies. Therefore, collect as much loot as possible, and constantly strengthen our forces.

Powerful Zombie Generals

More than 10 distinctive Zombie Generals with different abilities can be summoned in the game. Attention! Casting their powerful skills at the right time is the key to the victory.

Key Features

  • THE KING OF ZOMBIES: Expand and gather our zombie army
  • DISTINCTIVE ZOMBIE GENERALS: More than 10 types of Zombie Generals with different abilities can be created by us.
  • THE END OF MANKIND: Kill these stupid humans, destroy their houses, and take over their cities.
  • ZOMBIES CAN HAVE BRAINS: Use our imagination to develop our battle strategy and refine it. 
  • STUBBORN RESISTANCE: Collect as much loot as possible, and constantly strengthen our army.
  • VARIOUS MAP: Interesting level design, varied game modes, hidden Easter eggs, and interaction with game scenes.

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