The Sims 4 – Carnival Streetwear Set released

Electronic Arts and Maxis introduced The Sims 4 Carnival Streetwear Set, giving us new ways to customize our Sims’ experiences and brighten up our wardrobes with colorful looks.

The Sims brings together looks with Brazilian icon Pabllo Vittar – drag queen, singer-songwriter, and model – that allow us to expand our Sims’ styling and express our creativity.

The exuberant, wild and radiant designs, styles and colors of the carnival streetwear set reflect Pabllo’s sense of freedom and joie de vivre. This new content offers us the opportunity to recreate the confidence and creativity of one of the world’s greatest cultural celebrations in-game with bold clothing, makeup and accessories. The ease of design encourages Sims to incorporate Pabllo’s spectacular creations into any look for tons of fun.

Whether our Sims are wearing gorgeous cutouts, colorful fruit prints with graphic contrasts, or sequined tops, the possibilities for creating different looks, which can be complemented with makeup and colorful accessories, are endless.

The Sims has always been a creative place where we could express our personality through stylish outfits. These possibilities have recently been expanded with the release of the Modern Men’s Fashion Set, Fashion Street Set and Incheon Style Set, each inspired by London designer Stefan Cooke, modern fashion from Mumbai’s famous Fashion Street and styles from Incheon Airport .

As part of the collaboration on the carnival streetwear set, Pabllo Vittar recorded the dance hit “Buzina” from the second studio album “Não Para Não” in Simlish. This is available to us in a free update to the base game, allowing us to dance to the merry tunes over our stereos in The Sims 4. The celebration spirit will be further fueled by a base game update in early February in the form of a Sims Express Delivery featuring Brazilian recipes and a mask, and in March we will be able to decorate our homes with a new piece of artwork by celebrated contemporary artist Lano.

The Sims 4 Carnival Streetwear Set is available since February 3rd for PC and Mac on Origin and Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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