The Way of Wrath

The Way of Wrath is an innovative RPG set in the Early Bronze Age, we gathering rescources to build and improve weapons as also bombs. Furthermore we use traps to hunt food and hurt or hunt our enemies, who come in 10 days.

putting us in the shoes of a leader recently returned to our homeland following a massive defeat at a war overseas. The enemy army is hot on our heels and set on annihilating our entire civilization. The enemy army giving us 10 days to unite our people, make allies, and fortify an old mountain fortress before a climatic siege finale where all our choices and decisions will be put to test.

In terms of gameplay, The Way of Wrath features a full character creation suite with playable origins inspired by Dragon Age: Origins, a survival system where we must hunt for supplies and establish resource camps around the map, and a deep diplomacy system where tribes can be allied with or waged war against. Every NPC has a name and routine and our relationships and fate change with each passing day based on the decisions we make, creating a dynamic storyline where our every action counts.

The Way of Wrath is still in development and will released next year.

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