Fortnite – Icons Series with Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak

Epic Games is pleased to announce that in partnership with Atlantic Records, Grammy-nominated R&B duo Silk Sonic consisting of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have landed in Fortnite as part of the Icons series.

Beginning Thursday, February 10, 2022, at 7 PM ET., fans can look forward to new outfits inspired by the styles of the two singers and enjoy a new radio station. In addition, the Silk Sonic Cup will take place in advance.

The Silk-Sonic duo is already a longtime Fortnite favorite. Anderson .Paak performed in the Spotlight concert series back in September 2020, and the Bruno Mars “Leave The Door Open” emote came into play in April 2021.

With the Silk-Sonic set, the outfits “Bruno Mars” and “Anderson .Paak” come into play with matching accessories. For example, the “Sound Scepter” pickaxe is sold together with the “Bruno Mars” outfit and makes it possible – in keeping with the timeless entertainer of the duo – to unpack a microphone and then wear it as a back accessory. The “Anderson .Paak” outfit also has a corresponding back accessory. The elegant showmaster sets the rhythm with the “beat drum” and proves his sense of style with the “boom-bap” pickaxe. Both outfits are available in alternative versions that also contain reactive features. Also, with the Freedom Wheels Emote, gives our character the right moves for the outfits.

Bruno Mars himself is positive about the upcoming collaboration: “When Fortnite asked me if I wanted to design an outfit for the game, I asked: ‘Are CGI muscles off the table?’ They said ‘No’. I said, ‘Deal. See you on the island.’”

If we can’t get enough of the duo’s music, we can look forward to the new Icon Radio in Fortnite, playing songs by artists from the Icon series. At the station’s launch, songs by Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak (hosted by Bootsy Collins) will be played and can be heard on any vehicle jaunt.

Bootsy Collins is also excited about the opportunity to work with Fortnite:
“I used to be obsessed with arcade games, so bringing the worlds of music and gaming together with Fortnite is very exciting – both worlds offer a great way for fans to come together and relax.”

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