WRAEK Tactonic Pro – Kickstarter campaign

WRAEK Tactonic Pro is the world’s 1st palm-control keyboard set with an ultra-sensitive force sensor. It combines a premium keyboard together with a mechanical wrist rest that lets gamers bind their keybindings to the pad that they can activate with a push.

WRAEK Tactonic Pro uses an ultrasensitive isometric sensor and highly customizable software for its Tactonic Pad together with a 5-pin hot-swappable mechanical keyboard using Gateron switches. The Tactonic Pad magnetically attached lets us use our palms to control in-game movements and freeing the fingers from having to switch between the W, A, S, D movement keys and other keys – for faster responses and a competitive gaming advantage. The creators of the WRAEK Tactonic Pro believe that it would radically revolutionize the PC gaming industry by completely solving the issue of the currently limited keyboard layout.


  • Ultra-sensitive pressure sensors 
  • Easy profile switching
  • Aesthetic RGB lights
  • Ergonomic design

Kickstarter Campaign

The Kickstarter campaign by hardware gaming R&D startup WRAEK to fund WRAEK Tactonic Pro, an ultra-modern gaming keyboard, has reached its funding goal and will end in thirty two days. Thanks to the support of 207 backers, WRAEK Tactonic Pro is now more then 219% funded with $27,655USD for an initial goal of $10,044USD 

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