Apex Legends: Defiance released

Respawn Entertainment unveils the gameplay trailer for Apex Legends: Defiance, the latest update to the hero shooter came out February 8th, which includes the new limited-time mode Control, new Legend Mad Maggie, a new Battle Pass and more.

New features

New Control Mode – This limited-time new mode offers us a new way to experience Apex Legends during the first three weeks of Defiance. Control is an action-packed 9v9 extravaganza where two teams compete to capture control points on the map. Teamwork is key in this mode, featuring the largest teams to date, as we must find new ways to get the most out of our squads.
New Legend Mad Maggie – After a swift and fair trial, war criminal and punk rock warlord Mad Maggie has been sentenced to death at the Apex Games. What she lacks in compassion and human decency she makes up for in stubbornness and ferocity.

Sabotaged Olympus – A sneak attack by new legend Mad Maggie, who teleports objects and buildings across the city, has wreaked havoc on Olympus. With their sabotage disrupting the natural order, we must quickly adapt to our new environment in order to survive.
New Battle Pass – Thanks to bold new leadership, the Apex games are more exciting than ever. We can gear up with new cosmetic items, music packs, loading screens, emotes, and more.
3rd Anniversary Celebration – During the first three weeks of Apex Legends: Defiance, we can join the birthday party by claiming the following login rewards:
February 8-15: Three Octane themed packs and the Legend itself (if not already in the roster)
February 15-22: Three Wattson themed packs and the Legend himself (if not already in the roster)
February 22 – March 1: Three Valkyrie themed packs, plus a Legendary pack and the Legend itself (if not already in the roster)

Apex Legends: Defiance is available since February 8th for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam.

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