Neverwinter Dragonbone Vale – The Scaleblight Mythal

Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios announced that the Scaleblight Mythal, the new adventure for Neverwinter’s 22nd expansion, Dragonbone Vale, is available on PC (Arc Games, Epic Games Store and Steam) since February 1st.

It will also be available on Xbox and PlayStation on March 1st. In addition, Dragonbone Vale also came to consoles on February 1st, so all of us can now experience the contents of this major expansion.

These of us who play on PC will have access to the new adventure the Scaleblight Mythal, which introduces the new area Scaleblight Rise, the completion of the Dragonbone Vale storyline, the final Heroic Encounter “From Scales to Bone”, a challenging battle against an ancient red dragon, new rewards and much more. To reclaim Dragonbone Valley, we must join the Shield of the North and stop Valindra Shadowmantle and the Dragon Cult from performing the Dragonlich ritual and turning all of Faerûn’s dragons into undead monsters.

Neverwinter is currently available for free on PC, digitally on Xbox One with a Gold Membership* on the Xbox Games Store, and on PlayStation 4 (PlayStation Plus not required).

*Xbox Live Gold membership (sold separately) required on Xbox.

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